About me

Our life is like a house, with many rooms and their number and size are determined by all the events that have taken place over time, and which, according to their importance, have also shaped their contents. For each of us it is almost impossible to remember everything about our existence; but in it there are facts, related to important aspects, which have become petrified in our memory as sculptures. If someone suddenly asked me to count and describe all the rooms in my house, up to now, the question would leave me in awe; but, if I were driven by the need to give an answer anyway, I would try to read my story with the help of a sort of magnifying glass, that is, through the most relevant episodes of my life. I would then appeal to my memory to brush up, which represents metaphorically, my favorite sculpture: “The irrepressible passion for art”. So I will adopt this as the only comparison and it will be like turning on a light on all the rooms of my house, to access them, with the caution of a guest and try to unveil the magical attraction that has always binds me to the universe Art.                     

The entrance, linked to my first years of life in the 50s, is the terrace of an ancient Baroque Neapolitan palace where, on its sun-heated floor, I spent whole days relaxed, with eyes lost in the light of its rays and cheered from the harmonious notes of my aunt’s old radio; Perhaps, in those moments, I discovered my irresistible attraction for music. A long corridor leads to the various rooms, to introduce with pride the next decade: “The legendary 60s”, the time of reconstruction and well-being. A great energy envelops those days of my adolescence and my favorite activities revolve around sport and surveying studies. The feeling of imminent and profound changes is felt everywhere on our globe, in the second half of those years.                                    

July 1965 – I open the door of the first room and I find myself on board a bus to Roccaraso, a tourist resort in the Apennine mountains. I Meet a boy on this journey, of my same age and among the many pleasantries we exchange, he says he is a musician and that, with his band, studies and plays the music of a British rock band called “The Beatles”. His words full of emphasis and enthusiasm infect me and at the same time illuminate my imagination. Therefore, I start taking guitar lessons and continue to practice intensively after, on the first vinyl records.       

Between 1967 and 1970, important events occurred in the politics and culture of peoples worldwide, such as to disrupt customs and habits. 

1967 – in the first days of that year, I meet and make friends with some young people of my age, we share the same passion for rock music and I continue to frequent assiduously the bus guy who, meanwhile, is getting a fairly successful nationwide with his band. That same year fund, with the aforementioned friends, a Rock band and throughout the rest of winter we assiduously prepare, in a small box, our repertoire of cover songs. Then, in the Spring that follows, we perform in several live concerts in our city. I remember with great joy, the success of two important events, where the public shows us its full satisfaction and at the end of the concert, encourages us to continue on the road to success.       

1968. I acquired my  Surveyor’s diploma and after many contrasts with my father, according to his will  I enrolled in the Faculty of Geology at the University of Bari. But, my dreams are quite different, because I wanted to study Music, Art and Show at the DAMS from Bologna.          

1969. I leave by train to visit London (UK) where I spend all 45 days of that stay, to visit the art museums and listen to the many concerts of the great myths of the Rock of that moment.                 

1970 – I enter my second big room, where I see myself aboard a small Fiat 500 in the company of a great friend of mine at the time, our destination is Amsterdam. Almost all the children of the planet earth dream, in that period, of trampling the soil of this great European metropolis, attracted as they are, by some magical slogans of the moment: Freedom, Music and Art. Here to, I spend all my time visiting museums: Văn Gogh, the Reeks-museum and other minors; but in particular, I see for the first time the symbol of Pop Art in Europe, a sui generis building of three floors with the emblematic name “Paradise”.Holland attracts me, even to the point of meeting love.                     

1972. After a brief and intense acquaintance, I married a Dutch girl and the following year I decided to move to that country.                         

1973 – Here I live and work for about 10 months and start sketching my first drawings, perhaps inspired by frequent visits to the great Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.    

1973. Holland is a marvelous country, but its harsh climate is not compatible with the DNA of a young man from the South.                                              

1974. I return to Italy, where I undertake a demanding work activity and anyway, music and painting always work pressure in my mind.            

1980. The most obscure and chaotic chamber of my life, in it happen difficult situations and situations with painful consequences on an emotional level

1982. The positivity of the 60s seems to be now a memory and a phase of decadence marked by drugs and excesses, takes the upper hand in our lives .                                         

A trendy phenomenon that tries to invest me too, but the great strength of my ideals and my strong temperament, help me stay out of it.                                 

1983 – 1989. My huge dark room, finally finds a flash of light in its final part and where I see myself immersed in a frenetic artistic activity: I write the lyrics and the music of many songs and I start painting  in watercolor.        

1990 – 2000. The third bedroom is very bright and welcoming in its entrance and seems to want to offer me a great opportunity. I see myself in the city of Milan with some friends, who by a strange coincidence, have the good fortune to know and frequent at that time the artist Mina, one of the best and most famous Italian singers of all time. They know my passion for music and invite me to show my voice and my songs in the luxurious apartment of the great artist, in the center of the city. On that magical night, with enormous emotion, I sing and play with my guitar all my repertoire of songs and she, the great Mina, is enthusiastic about it. When the performance finally ends, she congratulates me and suggests I move to Milan to dedicate myself professionally to music. On my return to my city, there are days of intense inner conflicts, where all the fears  inculcate to me in childhood come forward, to persuade me finally, to remain in the sterile certainties of my native country, while my dreams remain locked up in my soul. For the rest of the decade, I dedicate myself to a job I do not love.                                    

From 2000 to today. The fourth and last room is the largest and if I wanted to use an adjective to define it, I would say the most appropriate. In it, I can find a compromise between reality and my passions. I divide this period into two different phases, for easy reading.                    

From 2000 to 2010 music is always the star of my free time, with the formation of two different Rock bands.              

From 2010 to today. From 2010 to today mark significant events in my life, complimenting my artist experience. At this time, I decided to dedicate myself to painting only.

August 2014. I participate with the artist S.Marseglia at the artistic event “Dionisiaca” held in the Castle of Bovino.         

October 2016. I participate in the “Art Project” International collective in the Mentana gallery in Florence.

November 2016. I participate in the group exhibition “Esperiments” held in the Merlino gallery in Florence.                                 

May 2017. I participate in the “Golden Eagles” International art show in the Roman Temple of Pomonia in Salerno.          

From 18 July to 18 August 2017. I participate in the International Painting Exhibition “Italy Art Bulgaria” held in the Regional Museum of History in Blagoevgrad (BG).                         

Today, my life seems to adapt better to my home and I can even dare, in affirming that the two finally coincide.